Profusion 2013 Twitter & Instagram Roundup

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The irony is delicious, no? Pro photo fans from all walks made their way to Profusion 2013 over the last two days. With all of the exciting goings-on at the show, many of them provided their own take of events by buzzing about what they saw on Twitter & Instagram.

The shots are diverse, but they all share a love for geeking out over the wide world of pro photos. Thanks to the many folks who shared their experiences at Profusion!

Keep the awesome photos coming, guys! Profusion 2013 has had so much to offer, but it’s particularly great to see how much it means to the photo community. Clearly, you’ve enjoyed these past two days as much as we have.

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Ben Von Wong + Models + Dry Ice = FREE

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Hey everyone!

Day 2 of Profusion is going strong. We’ll keep this short and sweet, but if you’re at the show, be sure to head to the Demo Theatre for 10:30, and catch Special Effects and Extraordinary People with Ben Von Wong.


You’ll see dry ice, models, KOOKY effects, and of course Mr. Von Wong. Best of all?

It’s FREE.

See you in the Demo Theatre!

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ProFusion 2013: Day 1 Roundup

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Show line - day 1Gentec BoothRotolight AnovaDouglas Sonders in the demo theatreStedicam in actionRedrock Micro
Gentec BoothGlidecamGoPropliveshootingtheatreWestcottWestcott Booth
GoPro BikeProfoto in actionProfoto in action in our live shooting theatreLive Shooting Theatre - ProfotoGlidecam actionCanon Booth
Sheridan College SIRTSheridan College SIRTSonyGiant Sigma LensSigmaNikon Family

ProFusion 2013, a set on Flickr.

They came. They saw. They geeked out.

Day 1 of Profusion 2013 is winding down, but we’ve only just begun to show you the best in the world of pro photography.

Check out some of the photos below, to see what’s happening at the show. We’ve had some amazing demos from our friends at Gnigami, Elinchrom, KinoFlo, Nikon, Sigma, Sony, The Screen Industries Research & Training Centre (SIRT) at Sheridan College, Canon, GoPro, Glidecam, Profoto, Redrock Micro and Steadicam.

Going to the show tomorrow? Be sure to follow us on twitter to find out about the latest goings on at the show, including all the exciting presenters and seminars. Don’t forget to use the #ProFusionExpo Hashtag, because as many folks found out today,

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Use the Profusion 2013 Hashtag for your chance to win!

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Profusion 2013 is well underway!

To get the word out, use the hashtag #ProFusionExpo in your tweets. You could win exciting prizes!

Congratulations to @jdpworks for being the first winner. For using the hashtag, they’ve won a Pina Zangaro Portfolio Case!

Keep using #ProFusionExpo for your chance to win!


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Introducing Capture and Lighting Integration from Phase One and Profoto

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Phase One and Profoto are pleased to announce an unprecedented, simultaneous image capture and light control solution. You’ll enhance your workflow, save time, and stay focused on what really matters – your photos.

Revolutionizing Tethered Photography

Now you can link your Profoto studio light to the aperture or ISO settings of your DSLR
or medium format camera system. While shooting tethered in Capture One Pro, any changes to
the aperture on the camera will cause the light intensity of the studio light to automatically
compensate an equivalent f-stop. For example, if the photographer switches from f/8 to f/5.6, the
light will drop one f-stop, so that the image is not overexposed. The solution lets photographers
easily define which groups of lights should be included in the linking, making it a powerful andflexible work tool.

“Capture One Pro was designed to satisfy the needs of professional photographers,”
Henrik O. Håkonsson, CEO & President, Phase One.

“Our collaboration with Profoto and the success of our capture and lighting integrations offer unprecedented lighting control during capture. This solution is especially great for portrait photographers who want to vary their depth of field; they can just turn the aperture dial and the light intensity will follow to ensure the right exposure.”
Anders Hedebark, CEO, Profoto

Watch The Integration in Action

Wondering how the solution works in practice?

Watch Michael and David from Phase One go through the simple steps of setting up the capture and light integration solution and putting it to good use.

Availability and Pricing

The new image capture and lighting integration solution is available now for Mac OS. It requires
Capture One Pro 7.1.2 or Capture One DB (digital back) 7.1.2 or later and a Profoto Studio plugi
for Capture One. The Capture One software is available from Phase One at or from one of its authorized dealers.

Try out the The Profoto Studio plugin today.

The solution works with all Profoto lights with built-in Air Remote Control.
Click here for a list of compatible cameras.


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The New One Man Crew Motorized Parabolic Slider from Redrock Micro

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They had us at ‘laser-guided’.


Presenting the One Man Crew™ camera motion system from Redrock Micro – the world’s first parabolic motion system. It’s intuitive, simple and well, awesome. Best of all, it’s available for demo and purchase at Profusion 2013.

With its motorized controls, clearly marked variable speed dial, direction controls, and automatic functionality, One Man Crew™ is ready for action right out of the box.  Set it on a table or tripod, attach your camera and set the direction button. That’s it. One Man Crew will do the rest.

The One Man Crew allows for camera speed change in real-time and manual start/stop/change direction with speed ramp up/down for consistently great footage. Perfect for documentary, interview, product or corporate shots, the One Man Crew delivers smooth, controlled motion for high-end footage every single time.  Or you can use the One Man Crew as an additional “B” camera, giving you the flexibility of cutting between cameras with beautiful, high quality camera movement.

And say goodbye to hauling super heavy equipment, because at only 14 pounds with the body dimensions of 46″ x 9″ x 4″, One Man Crew goes anywhere you need to go and in a hurry.

Need more convincing? Check out this video

The New One Man Crew Motorized Parabolic Slider from Redrock Micro from Redrock Micro on Vimeo.

But don’t just take our word for it. See the One Man Crew in action (at Redrock Micro’s booth), at Profusion 2013. Take in a live demo, get all the details, and yes – the One Man Crew is even available for sale.

See you at Profusion 2013!

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Joe Cornish uses the Professional Choice in Imaging Software…

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…to create beautiful long exposure videos.

Check out this technical feature video, in which famous landscape photographer Joe Cornish processes and edits long exposure landscape images using Capture One Pro 7.  Kicking things off with the High Dynamic Range tool, Joe then goes step-by-step through Capture One Pro 7 to create striking images with sublime detail and incredible lighting.

Despite being captured at night, the long exposure gives the images an illusion of daylight. Combined with Joe’s unique eye and creativity, the professional tools in Capture One give RAW images the atmosphere they need to push them to the next level.

You can see more of Joe’s work in Phase One’s online gallery.

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Paying it Forward Rodeo 2013

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Stampede 2013 is around the corner and there’s no better a way to kick things off than by giving back. Cowboys Dance Hall in partnership with Handler Inc. are presenting the Paying it Forward Rodeo 2013. It’s a way for you, your friends, colleagues and more to give to any charity of your choosing and have fun along the way. Come for the charity, stay for music, food, prizes and more!


Says Darcy Chalifoux, Vice President – Business Development with Cowboys Dance Hall:

“Cowboys has long been known as one of THE places to be during Stampede. Over the years, Cowboys has hosted lots of charity events for a variety of causes so why not do something during Stampede?”


Says Lynne MacQuarrie, President of Handler Inc.

“Everyone has a favourite charity. It just makes sense to combine Stampede fun with supporting lots of great causes. The more, the merrier”


The Details:


Where: Cowboys Dance Hall in Cowboys Casino

421 – 12th Avenue SE

Calgary, Alberta
When: Friday, July 5th, 2013 | 1:30 PM – 5 PM admission

How Much: $20 ($30 at the door) – proceeds go to your charity

Why: To Round Up Support for Local Charities!


Get your tickets in advance, and avoid the lineup.

Tickets and details are available here

See you at Stampede!

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Creation and Inspiration: Q&A with Benjamin Von Wong

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Vistek’s Online and In-store Photo Gallery continues to bring to you a wide range of amazing and talented photographers from across Canada.  Currently showcasing at our downtown Toronto location, until  July 5th and featured in a special photo gallery at ProFusion Expo 2013,  where he will will be presenting two seminars and shooting live in our demo therate…

Meet Benjamin Von Wong!


Your background is in Engineering, which is really interesting place to start – how did you end up in the Photography business?

Well photography as a whole began quite randomly after a girl broke up with me while I was working in the mines of Nevada. I figured that if I did find myself a new hobby I’d eventually go mad so decided to pick up photography to take pictures of the desert stars.
As a business, I suppose I kinda fell into it. Things kinda got exciting when I got my first paid event contract so I made a full leap into event photography until I eventually realized I didn’t need two jobs so I stopped everything and made a full transition into the creative and conceptual portraiture that you see today

Does your background in engineering give you any special edge?

I think that life experience in general brings all sorts of things into photography… an edge? Not particularly. Nothing hard work and experience won’t solve!

How long has photography been a passion?

I bought my first Point & Shoot in November 2007 at wal-mart… The camera hasn’t quite left my side since!

How did you get your start? Did you have a special mentor?

My camera was a friend and a companion, I just brought it everywhere and did everything. It became an excuse to go out, a reason to shoot, a reason to talk to people… ! Nothing special

15v (2)

Any favourite photographers?

Tim Walker & Kirsty Mitchell for the universe they create!

What/who (where?) inspires you to shoot?

The people I share my work with, the internet It’s become my way to connect, to reach out, influence and inspire.

How would you describe your style?

Storytelling with a touch of surrealism and an epic touch!


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The Leica X Vario: Changing the Game – Again

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Leica X Vario front_EVF2

Shown with Optional EVF 2


At a Glance

  • Newly developed Vario Lens: Leica Elmar 1:3.5-6.4/18-46 mm (28-70 mm equivalent)
  • Newly developed APS-C CMOS Sensor with effective resolution of 16.1 Megapixels
  • Iconic design using high quality materials (milled aluminum top cover)
  • Simple, intuitive controls including manual adjustment
  • Precise and fast Auto Focus
  • Full HD video
  • Connection for high resolution electronic viewfinder for new photographic perspectives
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, the comprehensive solution for modern digital photography

A History of Innovation

100 years ago, Oskar Barnack introduced the world to the Leica – a compact, lightweight camera that offered unheard-of freedom and quality to photographers. So it makes sense that Leica could do it again today with the Leica X Vario – one of many breakout stars at Profusion 2013.

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